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 Be Good To Yourself (BGTY) When You're Good To Yourself, You'll Be Good To Others...
His Country
This is why

It's not important as to what side of the political fence we're on, or even our opinions on the war. What is important, are the sacrifices that our service members and their families have had to endure. The truth be known, their sacrifices would be difficult for anyone of us to fully fathom. 

Pray for our troops  
Troop families Please help our troops and their families with your prayers... 


Brother Billy Graham's prayer
  heroes prayer

  "A great Symbol Of Self-Worth is to give a prayer away to help the ones that help us." DBD

Its no-doubt important to be good to ourselves with prayer – wouldn’t you agree?
Yes, our Lord and Savior promises all of us that if we take a few minutes out of
our busy days to pray for others, we will truly be honoring His request.
So be good to yourself for the next few days and honor the Lord with
a short prayers for families that need it more than we will ever know…
Pray for our troops 
  Our Soldier's Eyes Poem is a little reflection on what I personally heard for a few of our heroes...
It's their words – and It's God’s love that allowed me to put them down on paper! DBD

Our Soldier's Eyes 
Can You drop and give them five?

That's all I'm asking is that you give the ones that keep you and your
family safe one little minute of prayer for the next five days.

It's not too much to give back for your freedom, is it?
Helping our military families’ one prayer at a time!
  Respect My Flag NFL

sons and daughters Think about these two things when reading this prayer

"I have done"  &  "I need to do"
Lift the burden

Okay, what came to mind ?
"something you've done"  or  "something you need to do"

You'll find - that each day that you read this prayer something different will come to mind.
Remember, only the best people are willing to grow.
Be good to yourselfers & God Bless ...

We all know that our troops and their families (husbands, wives, and children) has been affected by this war.

But did you know ? - It is estimated that a little less than 40% are eligible for financial government assistance programs (food stamps...).

Just think about it, if your husband or wife has fought, or is fighting for our country.
Why should their families have to be burned with financial survival that includes asking for government assistance?
This Ones For My Niece Tabby...


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